Do You Abuse Online Casino Bonuses?

To be tagged or described as a bonus abuser is one thing that you would not want. A bonus hunter is no different from being a bonus hunter. These are members who do not intend to play at all. Rather, they simply want to get as many bonuses as they can and immediately leave the casino.

Sign-up or welcome bonus is a major target of abusers because they can be easily acquired. It would be a lot easier for them to abandon their commitments and this is unfair to honest players—members who do their best to meet the wagering requirements—members who invest in a good strategies.

The aftermath

Online casino bonus abusers pay dearly for their activities. One of its consequences is that a player can be banned. One’s account can be closed immediately. In case they are allowed to keep their accounts, they can be ineligible for bonus update and promotions—something that is as good as having one’s account closed or being banned.

While some may say that the above-mentioned sanctions are just the online casinos’ ways of preventing players from getting their casino bonus, it should be noted that prior to the implementation of such sanctions, a thorough investigation was performed first.

What you can do
Some players are unaware that what they are doing is already a form of bonus hunting. Oftentimes, it is the lack of awareness that make these people commit such mistake. In order to save yourself from falling into the same trap, here is what you can do:

·         Check the terms and conditions – Before you even get that bonus, make sure that you understand everything. Treat the terms and conditions as a contract. Whenever you give that casino bonus codes, it is like giving your own signature.
·         Meet the wagering requirements – Despite of the negative impressions toward the wagering requirements, meeting them is necessary. It should be remembered that it is included in the terms and conditions. In 12BET Casino, there is an option where players can see if the remaining requirements have been met.
·         Focus on strategy – Why resort to abusing bonuses if you can capitalize on strategy? Why face the risk of having a negative reputation if there is a right and fair way of winning at online casinos?

Bonus abuse does not only hurt the online casino. More than anything else, it affects other players who have been very honest in all their activities. Bonuses and winnings are best enjoyed if acquired through the right way. It becomes more meaningful.


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